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Since 2018 we have spent a lot of time working with investors, helping make the city of Memphis a better place. We work with investors from all over the map. Including, but not limited to Israel, Kazakstan, California, NYC, Texas, Memphis and beyond. if you are looking for an investor friendly contractor, who has experience dealing with investment properties you have come to the right place.
We know investors struggle to find contractors in general, much less ones that call them back, that will work with them, are trust-worthy, and ones that understand the investment industry.

Benefits for Investors

If we work together, we share with you our Memphis Design book to create attractive homes. You will have a list of selections to choose for your home. It makes the process simple, quick, and easy, and still produces nice products. If you are a hands-off investor we will select them for you and deliver a product with little to no work for you.


  • We have hard money vendor partners who help fund your loans that we are happy to work with.
  • We specialize in heavy rehab properties, currently our investment properties have a $50,000 minimum job size requirement.
blue single family home with circular stone patio and firepit

The Process for Investors

  • Get a house under contract and we will give you estimates quick and inside your inspection period.
  • If it is a win-win for both parties. We can typically begin to move our crews and begin construction within 7 days of closing.

Preset Draw Schedules

Prior to contract we will develop mutually agreed draw schedules to work with your situation. We provide weekly updates of pictures and videos. Prior to construction, we provide detailed images outlining exactly what is getting fixed and what is not. We do this to ensure that there are no surprises and to limit the amount of change orders in a project. We know how crucial it is to stay consistent to the original budget to not effect cash flow or the net of the deal.

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