Southern BC

British Columbia which is a beautiful place stands between the Pacific Ocean and the Canadian Rockies along with the amazing sceneries in between. This place will be most suitable for the skier, a hiker including the shopper. The folks can visit the towns and also learn a lot of things more about their culture. British Columbia provides a lot of information about the vibrant arts especially the cultural scene. The total population is about five million where Canada is the third most populated province after the Ontario and Quebec. The highest point is the Fair Weather Mountain where the height is about sixteen thousand feet and the lowest point in the Pacific Ocean. Coming to the point of climate and weather; the temperatures are warmer in the south than in the northern side. Rainfall is the heaviest especially along the coastal side and it is lightest in the southern interior. The real fact is that the British Columbia is a larger province; it has a list of different climatic zones. Generally, the winters on the coastal side are temperate one and if the snow falls it does not stay longer one. On the other side of the flip, most of the interior side experiences the freezing temperatures and the snow latest from the month of November to March. Then coming to the spring and the fall is a warmer one especially during the months of June and September. The summers are the hottest one in the interior of the British Columbia and it is said to be that the higher elevations in the coastal mountains get the heavy snowfall especially in the month of the winter. The website includes information especially for air, rail, ferry, bus and the car travel including the airport accessibility. The transportation options are also available locally in the British Columbia cities and towns; transport facilities are also available for the folks with disabilities. The public transit system is a one which includes the buses, community shuttle buses, and the west coast express etc.

What are the places to visit?

There is a list of attractive places to be visited. Haida Gwaii is a beautiful place where the mystical islands are well known for its rich cultural history. It is said to be that the glorious old growth rainforest is usually surrounded by the incredibly rich marine. This entire environment is home to the unique subspecies founded particularly on the magical islands. It is highly protected by the Parks Canada and along with the Haida nation is the home to the natural scenery and the cultural treasures including the ancient totems are slowly decaying day by day and it is also reclaimed by the land.The Canadian Rockies are the awe-inspiring lakes which include the snow-capped peaks, turquoise lakes and the cascading waterfalls which include the in dense evergreen forests. The folks can immerse themselves in the luxurious hot springs at the Radium and Lussier; one can also experience the thrill of rafting particularly at the kicking horse river. The Great Bear Rainforest which is said to be the home of the elusive Spirit Bear; British Columbia’s central coast is a remote area and there are few internal and the external roads which adds the beauty of serenity.The real fact is that it is the stretch of the coastline home from the ancient days and still now their influence is strongly felt. At the same time, it is also the home to the abundance of the marine life varying from the whales to the dolphins to the others. Another interesting fact is that it is the only place in the whole world where the folks can see the Kermode Spirit bear. The folks can book a sailing tour especially in the search of the magnificent spirit bear and they can also explore with the big house and can learn about the culture of the coastal village of the Klemtu. The Pacific Rim national park Reserve is a one with the pristine wilderness along with the endless beaches. This amazing park is actually located on the west coast of the Vancouver Island. This Island consists of the three sections name to be West Coast Trail, long beach, and the Broken Group Islands. West Coast Trail is a one once upon a time it was the rescue trail especially for the shipwrecked sailors. Long Beach is one it is said to be the home to the flawless beaches including the thriving surf culture. The Broken Group Islands is made up of more than hundred of islands and islets.
Especially in the summer season, it is said to be that the area is alive for the thrill seekers, families and especially for the folks who wish to enjoy the beach and the hiking, especially through the old growth rainforest. The travelers can admire the work of the local artists especially in the hip community of Tofino. The Alaska Highway is a one which is remote to the wilderness especially to the home of the serious wildlife. Here, the payoff is a huge one where the distance is covered about the thousand kilometers. One can find many wild animals such as the bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and the moose etc. The folks can enjoy the long drive at the Muncho Lake and can feel the fresh air.