In order to book the hotels in the Amstrong, the folks can call or text the reservation desk and an inquiry about the availability. If the availability of rooms is confirmed then the folks can give the information about the arrival and departure dates, the total count of the people which includes adults and the children, type of room needed which includes the private bedroom, private suite, wheelchair accessible or the dorm bunk. In order to book the rooms for the accommodation, it is better to have the credit card in handy. If the payment is done by the cash, then it is advised to approach the reservation desk. Generally the bookings are done on the first come, first served basis. It is better to go for pre-booking process so that disappointment can be avoided. The important point to be noted is that once the credit card payment is processed it cannot be refunded in any case. Eventually, the rooms are quiet, clean and affordable; the upper bunk beds have the stairways not the ladders for the safety purpose. The kitchens are fully furnished with the sink, microwave, fridge, dishes, and utensils etc. Most of the hotels are hundred percent non-smoking one for the people’s comfort and safety.